A clean vehicle or vehicle fleet has a positive effect on customer perceptions of your company. Cleanliness also reduces maintenance costs, and for some types of vehicles, can reduce the risk of unexpected inspections by the DOT.

Areas and processes to include in a vehicle cleaning plan include:

Basic Interior

Use wipes and spray cleaning solutions to remove dirt, dust and particulate matter from dashboards, seats, and other surfaces.


Disinfecting High Contact Areas

Choose a disinfectant that meets the standards and guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)



Following Application Best Practices

Some surfaces may retain moisture and pooled or excess moisture may need a wipe down before drying. In addition, cleaning frequency should align with product efficacy.s


Top Sellers


Arrow 269 AC-69

Arrow 269 AC-69

Arrow 269 AC-69 Non-Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser AC-69 from Arrow is the superior non-solvent cleaner in the SaferChoice* label. The liquid cleaner breaks the bond between the dirt and the surface without solvents, butyls, phosphates, caustics, acids, or...

Arrow 434 Lemon Deodorant

Arrow 434 Lemon Deodorant

Arrow 434 LEMON DEODORANT Lemon Deodorant from Arrow is a super-concentrated odor neutralizer. Use in carpet cleaning solutions, mop water, as an air spray, and for general deodorizing. Eliminates malodors instantly and leaves a fresh, natural fragrance behind, vastly...

Arrow 496 Concentrated Vehicle Wash & Wax

Arrow 496 Concentrated Vehicle Wash & Wax

Arrow 496 Vehicle Wash & Wax Concentrated Arrow’s formula for vehicle care provides a concentrated car wash and wax for a one-step solution. Get a quick and effective soil penetrating wash that wets, emulsifies in cold or warm water, loosens soils, dirt, oil and...