Private Label Program


Private labeling is actually very simple. We make the product and put YOUR name on it. Use one of our products or your own formula that we will custom blend exclusively for you. Market the product how you want to, at a discount or a premium price point, to the industries you choose to target.

  • Arrow Standard Liquid: 25 Cases 4/1 Gallons or 12/1 Quarts or 20 – 5 Gallon Pails
  • Arrow Standard Powder: 100 lb. Minimum (Your choice of pail sizes)
  • Custom Blend Liquids: 150 Gallon Minimum (38 Cases 4/1 Gallons or 50 Cases 12/1 Quarts)
  • Custom Blend Powders: 600 lb. Minimum (24 – 25 lb. pails or 12 – 50 lb. pails)
Discretion & Confidentiality:

We have no problem being the guy behind the curtain. We won’t tell anyone that we make your product,unless you want us to. We will never share information to the public that your product is our product.

Take Your Pick:

We have a variety of packaging options−from 2 oz. bottles with pump sprayers to 5 gallon pails with the lid color of your choice. Our stock packaging includes:

  • Gallon Bottles: White or Natural
  • Quart Bottles: White, Natural with or without handles
  • Pistol Grip Bottles (Quart or 16oz): White, Black, Clear
  • 5 Gallon Pails: Assorted Colors
  • Caps, Lids & Trigger Sprayers: Assorted varieties and colors
Label Options:

We have label options for any industry or budget.

PL Silk Screen-01Silk Screen: In this method of labeling your artwork is burned into a silk screen. Ink is applied to the container with the help of a special machine that uses the silk screen as a stencil. There is a one time art charge of $100 for silk screen labels.

Pressure Sensitive Labels: Also called “peel & stick,” you can pick 1 or 2 colors or multicolored CMYK printing. Depending on several factors, flexographic (printing plates) or digital printing can be used. This type of labeling is ideal for retail but can be effectively used in any industry. A one time art charge will apply to pressure sensitive labels depending on the plates required for your label artwork.

Artwork:PL Label-01

A consultation with our design department will help us understand what you are envisioning for your label. We will put together samples until your label is exactly how you want it. The only thing we’ll need from you is your company Logo. We can also supply you with the specifications and templates if you would like to design your own label. (In-house label design is required for EPA Registered disinfectants.)

Customer Support:

If you would like to share with your customers that Arrow Chemical Products manufactures your product we will be happy to provide tech support direct to your customer, or if you prefer, just give us a call and we’re happy to answer any questions that you have about your private label product’s performance and application.

Marketing Materials:

We’ll give you the tools you need to promote your product! Arrow Chemical Products will provide a private labeled material safety data sheet and product literature flyer for you to distribute. These will be customized specifically for you with your logo and contact information.

We are here for you every step of the way! To learn more about private labeling and custom blending, call us at 800.482.0664 and ask for a private label expert!