Bleach Disadvantages

Written by: Lynda Harris. Bleach Disadvantages.

My baby boy is getting so big, it seems like just yesterday that he was born and now he is a year old! We had a great summer–watching him interact with the world around him and really start to figure things out. He learned how to walk, say his first words and he’s learning more and more every day…it’s amazing! Sadly, when summer ended, we were going to lose not 1, not 2, but 3 babysitters, all going back to school in the fall. We had to scramble around the last few weeks and ended up deciding on a daycare center.

I’ve heard daycare is a double-edged sword and that I am giving my child the opportunity to socialize with other kids and open lots of doors for learning and language development but I’m also opening up doors to germs and run the risk of him getting sick a lot. After several colds, fevers and even a run-in with pneumonia, I have to wonder…

At our initial interview and tour of the center, the director told me that bleach was the standard “sanitizer solution” at the center and almost every other child care center. This “sanitizer solution” is one tablespoon of (household) bleach per gallon of water. Naturally, knowing about disinfectants and sanitizers, I cringed when I heard this. I personally would NEVER use bleach when a quat-based disinfectant is available. I don’t like that they use bleach, but I get it.

It’s cheap. Or at least they think it is.

There’s one advantage that I listed for you above. That’s the only one I can think of so I’d like to share with you the Disadvantages of Bleach


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